Apocalypse World, a PBTA game by Vincent and Meguey Baker. It’s a game that assumes that you are there to tell a story together and really focus on the fiction. The big pieces of the game are what we call moves, simple tools that we use just to transition from the conversation we are having into the mechanics. The dames will take on their characters, while Jacob will play MC (Master of Ceremonies) and will take on the roles of the things around them and their threats.

 We used the simple Same Page tool before we started recording, it’s free and it lets you, when running a campaign, really get everyone on the same page about what they care about and how they are going to play.

We are also using the X-Card by John Stavropoulos. It’s also free and super accessible. Essentially the way it works is if someone encounters some content that’s really troubling for them or really challenging they can tap the X Card and we will sort of take a break and move on to something else. 

Finally the setting – Apocalypse Wolrd assumes the world ended roughly 50 years ago. None of the people present in the game really remember what happened. There may be some very old people who have a vague memory of being around before it happened by none really know what’s going on. In our game, the veils between different things have fallen apart so different fantasies and cultures have flooded into our world and ruined everything.