Maddie who plays Bodie in Season 1 and Gretchen in Season 2!

By day she is the Mother of the Horde, Mistress of Pitbulls and Bunnies, and Catcher of Babies. She loves tabletop games, cosplaying and runs on coffee. #womenintabletop
Neutral Good

 Krissi who plays Snow in Season 1 and Cassandra in Season 2.

She plays the Battle Babe and is a real life Snow White doppelgänger #onceuponatime.
Not to mention, Mistress of Tech and Slayer of Umms! She is the geek behind the soundboard, a Jill of all trades, and navigates the tech for the podcast. #womenintabletop
Neutral Good
Just like Snow and Cass she will bleed for her family and happily take fire to keep those she loves safe!

Finally is Jacob our GM!
By day Jacob is the Father of Corgis, Social Worker, Devourer of Roleplaying Games and Consumer of Media, specifically movies and comic books.
Jacob also has an extensive collection of indie role playing games such as Torchbearer or Trail of Cthulhu. During his spare time you can catch him designing his own role playing games.
Lawful Good.